Cosy winter outfit

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all well and had a really nice christmas! I spent Christmas in Belgium with my family and our new baby dog (he’s sooo cute and small, I’ll put a picture of him at the end of this article) and then I flew to the UK to spend New Year with my boyfriend and his family/friends. We both had an amazing time!

But now comes January and Februrary, the time of the year when there’s nothing really special happening for most of us, summer is not back yet, it’s dark, cold and you always wear the same clothes. It’s time to get you out of that darkness and enjoy wearing a nice outfit to make those days brighter! My favourite outfit for days like that, when I really have the feeling that I’m always wearing the same, meaning THE comfy jeans and a basic pullover, is a big wool dress with some nice and festive accessories. It’s suuuuper comfy, just like being in your pyjamas and you still rock with some cool accessoires: some cool studded boots, some sparkles and a headband ist the perfect combination.

I absolutely love combining those boots with fishnets, it gives a special touch to the outfit and in my opinion, makes the whole outfit stand out. I also found that cute see-through long-sleeved top that you can wear so that it can be seen poking out from under the sleeve of a pullover and it really produces a great effect! It’s all about the details!

Of course you can wear it with normal tights or even a pair of jeans into which you could tuck in your big pullover if you’re not confortable with wearing fishnets. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and here are the links to all the items in this article:

  • My studded boots come from Buzzao and they have a lot of pairs really similar to all the trendy pairs of boots we’ve seen a lot on Instagram! Go have a look – it’s really worth it! And with my personal code (YELLOW_SLD50) you’ll have 50 percent OFF any pair!! Studded black boots
  • My long wool dress comes from H&M and I’m so happy with it!! It’s super comfy and keeps you really warm. Long wool dress
  • The see-through top comes from Tosave and it’s the perfect item to make an outfit stand out with its little silver details. The website is quite similar to Aliexpress, so pay a lot of attention to the comments (some items aren’t like the pictures at all), choose a size or two bigger than your normal size and be aware that the delivery will take approximately 3 weeks. BUT if you follow those rules, you won’t make mistakes and for the price really, it’s worth it. (3 euros for this one)
  • The metallic fishnet tights come from Falke, but they are out of stock at the moment. I’m giving you the link anyway in case they came back into stock.

LOVE xx, Marine
Article written in Collaboration with the brands Tosave and Buzzao

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