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How I create my content (material, Apps and tricks)

Hello guys,
I hope you are doing well!
As I have been asked a lot lately how I take and edit my pictures, here is a little summary of all the steps a picture goes through before it gets posted on my blog or on my Instagram account.
The first step is to find what you want to photograph. It can be anything you want, just choose what inspires you and makes you happy and once you have a theme, whatever your style is, stick to it. A great Instagram feed is already half garanteed if you respect a common thread,  a theme you have created, basically if you pictures just match well together.


The main thing is of course to have a good camera or phone to take pictures. I am not talking about the price here, and it doesn’t need to be a really expensive camera at all, it can even just be your phone, but the picture quality has to be good if you wanna create good content. It’s always nicer to see a clear and bright picture than a blurred and pixelized one, it attracts your attention more.

Here is the MATERIAL I use to take my pictures:

  • For pictures that have to be taken spontaneouly, when I don’t have my main camera with me, I just use my Iphone 6s (even if I can’t picture myself going back to anything else but Apple, because I find it awesome for Instagram and the blog, I know there’s a few good phones out there, amazing for picture quality, for example). I think it’s a perfect solution if you don’t have money to invest in a camera, the quality is really decent and you have it with you in your pocket all the time so it doen’t take any space at all. It’s also really practical because you can use all your editing apps straight away without having to transfer pictures from your camera.


  • My main camera is the EOS 200d from Canon. If you love photography and are ready to invest in a nice camera or if you get it as a gift for your birthday, for example, you are of course going to be able to create way more effects, play with it and create really amazing content. I love photography and being able to work with a nicer camera just opened up a load of great, new possibilities, I feel like I can be as creative as I want, and I always discover new features I didn’t know about. Canon Deutschland recently offered me the opportunity to try one of their latest cameras, the entry level DSLR Canon EOS 200D, which is the smallest DSLR worldwide. I am totally convinced and obsessed with this camera. First of all, the quality is just mindblowing. The camera in itself is also really intuitive, I would totally recommend it if, like me, you not a pro at all and you still need to learn a lot about all the functions a camera can do. The menu  on the screen helps you to change the settings with just a click, making it very clear what you are changing and which effect it is going to create. The screen also turns in every direction, which is really practical, mainly if you wanna take pictures of yourself or with a tripod. It really feels like it has been thought for photography lovers who have a modern lifestyle, due to its really modern characteristics. You can connect it to your phone in a few seconds via Wi-Fi, and download the picture you have just taken on your camera, or even just press on your phone to take a remote picture with the camera, and then post it straight away on the social media. In one word, I would say it is basically the perfect equipment if you want to have fun with your camera, if you enjoy sharing your experiences quickly via your phone to your family or on social media and if you make the quality of your content the main focus.


Once you have a picture you are happy with and you want to post it, you can also choose to edit your picture to give to it more of an identity, to make them look more like you. There are tons of APPS out there that can help you doing this, I have heard a lot about Snapseed to make you picture brighter, VSCO cam for really good filters, TouchRetouch to erase a detail of the picture you don’t like (like a person or a non-picturesque chair, etc. – it can’t be something on you and it has to be something isolated, I think a mass of tourists might be difficult to erase for example).
In general I only use one App to work on my pictures:


  • Adobe Lightroom: you can have it for free as an app on your phone or pay for the desktop version on your computer if you want to go further and change the settings of just one element on your picture for example (free for the first month then 11 euros a month). There are less modifications available on the free app on your phone, but it is already enough if you are not a professional photographer. To me it is the best one out there and a revolution, really. You can work on so many different things, it’s basically endless. I find it perfect to really create an atmosphere that is going to be your trademark. The feature I like most is that you can create the modifications you want on one picture and then just copy the settings onto the new pictures you are importing in the app. The harmony in your feed is guaranteed!


  • A color Story: I probably use this one once a month because, in general, I wanna keep my pictures natural, but I find this app awesome if you wanna add little details on your pictures like a ray of sun, confettis, or give this old paper effect that we see a lot at the moment. They also have really cool filters!

I hope that you enjoyed reading this article and that it will help you in creating your very own, beautiful content. I wish you all a really nice nice day off!
xx, Marine

Article written in collaboration with Canon Deutschland.

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