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My experience with Polette Eyewear

Hello everyone, today I want to tell you about a brand that I particularly like because I think it is an amazing bargain : Polette Eyewear. For those of you who have to wear glasses or contact lenses, you know how much a new pair of glasses cost (or lenses for a whole year)! The first time I had to face that was when I decided I didn’t want to wear glasses anymore two years ago and I therefore decided to switch to lenses. Part of the reason was that the glasses I could get in my tiny city in Belgium were not particularly modern and I didn’t feel good or comfortable wearing them. I then invested a big amount of money for a whole year of contact lenses (monthly ones) which costs me around 250 euros a year. It’s alright considering how practical they are but you have to pay it every year, which, let’s be honest, adds up to quite a lot of money.
I think my main problem has always been the fact that the models in the shops in cities outside the capital cities are nothing special, they are a form of medical treatment in order to see better and are more of an inconvenience than a stylish accessory that gives you a little something special and adds a personal touch to your style.
And then, in the last few months, I witnessed more and more brands selling glasses. It’s not just sunglasses that are being focused on anymore, but eyeglasses are at the centre of brand advertising campaigns. Of course, it’s down to fashion and the fact that glasses are really a fashion accessory at the moment but I really like the fact that eyeglasses are now fashionable and people are proud to wear them (I mean, did you see brands like H&M were selling “fake” glasses?). Another advantage of that is that wearing glasses has become more affordable over the past months.
If you have eyesight problems and are considering buying a new pair of glasses, then you need look no further than Polette !! I worked in collaboration with them on this article (I had a free pair of glasses in order to be able to test the quality of the glasses, the design, the material and the aftersale process) and I’m being 100 percent objective when I say that it’s a really, really good brand that you can order with your eyes closed (hehe). Here is my full opinion about the brand:

  • I find the website really clear, the interface is enjoyable and it’s simple enough so that you can actually focus on the glasses.
  • They sell several hundreds of different models and I’m sure that you’ll find a pair you like on the website, whether it is in the category “Classic” or “Trendy”.


  • You can either go to one of the shops (Lille, Paris, Amsterdam, …)  if you need some help and they’ll do a check with you to make sure your glasses are as adapted to your sight as possible or (as I did because I live in Berlin and they don’t have a shop there yet), order it from your sofa if you already have the medical prescription you need.
  • They offer a few cool options like being able to choose the quality and the size of your lenses (Eco, Business, First, Prestige). All the lenses are UV protected – scratch resistant and anti-reflective but you can also add an anti-blue light filter against computer light or photochromic lenses (they become darker if you’re outside in the sun).
  • They also offer a lot if sunglasses that you can also adapt to your eyesight.

But the main advantage is really the price, it was one of the most important things to me. As a general rule, you’ll pay between 20 and 40 euros for the frame and 20 euros for the lenses. If you then want to add the anti-blue light effect, it will cost you another 11 euros. You’ll have a modern and complete pair of glasses for 50-60 euros, which is really amazing. The delivery was really quick and the after-sales service is responsive. Don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any other questions and I hope that you’ll find THE pair which makes you feel special.

Happy Easter,
xx Marine

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