My routine care for skin and hair

Hello girls,
I hope you are all well.

Today I want to tell you more about all the products I use to take care of my skin and my hair and my body in general.
While I was never really paying attention to the quality of the products (in terms of harmful substances / unnatural ingredients) until a year ago, Berlin, the hipsterism and the natural and vegan way of life here has definitely had some repercussions on my way of thinking and which products I use (and that’s really good!). I finally decided (after a loooong time thinking that I should do it) to take a list from the internet with the most harmful substances in cosmetics on the market and I had to read it like 5 times just to keep the main ones in my head all the time and now I just check that none of them is contained in the product I’m interested in before buying it. It just makes me feel like I have more power over what I’m using and I’m just more aware of the industry as a general rule.

What I use on my face:
* On my skin
I gave up all my day and night creams for a big pot of organic coco oil. After reading a huge number of articles about all the benefits of this oil, I tested it and oh wow, it’s the best cream I’ve ever had! Don’t be afraid at the sight of the word “OIL”, I also thought it would be way too fatty and oily for me as I already have oily skin as a base. And yes obviously it is a little bit oily when applying it but you just need to give it 5 minutes and the oily appareance then disappears and just leaves your skin really soft and visibly hydrated. I’ve always had skins problem like eczema and coco oil really helped, if not more than all the creams the doctors gave me. I also have considerably less spots now I’m using this routine everyday, which is surprising, I know, but it is true.
The second thing I use is an eyegel in the morning. I really like to put it in the fridge and apply it when its really cold. It wakes me up before starting the day and helps to fight against bags under my eyes because the coldness improves blood circulation!! The nicest ones are the ones with the metal roll-on applicator!
If I have a big spot, I just put a little bit of coconut oil again (to help it heal) with a drop of tee-three oil (to dry the spot and disinfect it)

* On my lips
I used to have really bad skin on my lips until I decided to make myself a little homemade lip peeling solution that I had seen online. You just have to mix sugar and honey and apply it to your lips twice a week. It makes super smooth and beautiful lips! As a balm I really like the one from Hello Body (Coco Rich), it is really nourishing.

What I use on my hair: 
My hair has always been my main problem because I have curly hair and it is super super dry. I’ve basically tried everything but I now have the best result I’ve ever obtained.


Here is what I use:
I pay attention to use quality products even if they are a bit more expensive (I always use products you can find at your hairdressers or at least once every couple of times I wash my hair if I don’t can’t afford to use it all the time). At the moment I’m using the CURL EFFECT shampoo and mask from Fabio Salsa and I’m really happy about it. My mum has tried it too and she likes it as much as I do! I can definitely feel that my hair is super soft after the shampoo (even when I don’t use the mask afterwards), it is more easy to untangle it and they are way more shiny and soft than before! To prepare my hair in the morning I use the CURL PERFECTING MILK to make my curl look more defined and that’s it! It’s super easy to use and doesn’t leave your hair feeling hard! I can highly recommend it if you have curly hair!

I have two more secret tricks to make my hair look healthy:
* Once a week I apply a LOT of coconut oil all over my hair and leave it for at least 4-5 hours (even better during the night). Then I wash it (make sure to wash it well otherwise it could still be a bit oily) in the morning. When my hair is really dry, on top of that I apply a little TINY BIT of coconut oil on my tips just before brushing it. It’s like applying a hair demelting serum and helps with brushing it. Again: I have really dry hair which requires a lot of hydratation, so if you have thin hair maybe skip this step or adapt it to your hair type.
* My best discovery in the last weeks is called SUN EXPERT by Fabio Salsa. Did you know that such things as sun-protection existed for your hair? I mean if the sun is so bad for our skin, no wonder it also is for our hair, even more so when combined with wind, seasalt and chlorine when you are on holiday. Every time I’m planning on spending a day in the sun (we had a looot of it in Berlin lately, what a blessiiiiing!), I spray it all over my head and again I can only say positive things about this product. It leaves a film on my hair for the day which I can really feel without leaving it oily or with a cardboard effect (start with 2-3 sprays to see how much your hair needs). It has a UV protection in it as well as hydrating components! This is really a revolution guys!! I can’t wait to try it on holiday, I think I have found a solution for the horrible hair post holiday!

Have a good day off tomorrow !!
xx, Marine
Article made in collaboration with Fabio Salsa.

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