Le bon plan Igraal / Top tip Igraal

Hi, girls! I’m back today with an article that is close to my heart because I’ve been using the platform I’m going to talk about for a very, very long time and I really think it’s the deal of the century – I’m really convinced by it. Having tested it over the last four years, I can assure you it would be silly to miss out!

Salut les filles ! Je reviens aujourd’hui avec un article qui me tient à cœur car cela fait très très longtemps que j’utilise la plateforme dont je vais vous parler et que je pense vraiment que c’est le bon plan du siècle, j’en suis super convaincue. Pour l’avoir testé pendant ces quatre dernières années, je peux vous assurer que cela serait bête de passer à côté de ce bon plan!

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How I create my content (material, Apps and tricks)

Hello guys,

I hope you are doing well!

As I have been asked a lot lately how I take and edit my pictures, here is a little summary of all the steps a picture goes through before it gets posted on my blog or on my Instagram account.

The first step is to find what you want to photograph. It can be anything you want, just choose what inspires you and makes you happy and once you have a theme, whatever your style is, stick to it. A great Instagram feed is already half garanteed if you respect a common thread,  a theme you have created, basically if you pictures just match well together.

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10 cheap boho carpets for your interior

Hello everyone, I hope you all are well.

When I moved into my new flat a year ago and started to look for cool carpets, it really hit me that the ones I could find on online shops (let alone in proper shops) were either very simple and not particularly modern or very very expensive. I found it very difficult to find one with character which wasn’t going to ruin me. As you guys might know, I am totally obsessed with moroccan culture and decoration and mainly with their carpets, which I think are everything in a white and simple interior. They just give this oriental touch which I’m fond of. Last week, I found a few rugs which were inspired from this style and which I would have been very very happy to find when I was looking for my own decoration because they are BOTH totally afforable AND splendid. I thought it might be cool to share this with you guys !!

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My routine care for skin and hair


Hello girls,

I hope you are all well.

Today I want to tell you more about all the products I use to take care of my skin and my hair and my body in general.

While I was never really paying attention to the quality of the products (in terms of harmful substances / unnatural ingredients) until a year ago, Berlin, the hipsterism and the natural and vegan way of life here has definitely had some repercussions on my way of thinking and which products I use (and that’s really good!). I finally decided (after a loooong time thinking that I should do it) to take a list from the internet with the most harmful substances in cosmetics on the market and I had to read it like 5 times just to keep the main ones in my head all the time and now I just check that none of them is contained in the product I’m interested in before buying it. It just makes me feel like I have more power over what I’m using and I’m just more aware of the industry as a general rule.

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My experience with Polette Eyewear

Hello everyone, today I want to tell you about a brand that I particularly like because I think it is an amazing bargain : Polette Eyewear. For those of you who have to wear glasses or contact lenses, you know how much a new pair of glasses cost (or lenses for a whole year)! The first time I had to face that was when I decided I didn’t want to wear glasses anymore two years ago and I therefore decided to switch to lenses. Part of the reason was that the glasses I could get in my tiny city in Belgium were not particularly modern and I didn’t feel good or comfortable wearing them. I then invested a big amount of money for a whole year of contact lenses (monthly ones) which costs me around 250 euros a year. It’s alright considering how practical they are but you have to pay it every year, which, let’s be honest, adds up to quite a lot of money.

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A weekend in Warsaw

Good evening everyone,

Today I really wanted to introduce Warsaw to you and present this article in a way that is a bit different to what I usually do. Those who follow me on Instagram probably saw the stories I posted when we were there and as I already wrote quite a lot of details when posting them and also mainly because I really enjoyed sharing with you guys what we visited and did after each day, I thought it could be a good idea to use those stories as a basis for this article. The aim is to make it easy and interesting to read, without too much text that doesn’t even make you want to read it. As a massive Instagram fan, I know that a picture is worth a 1000 words so here we go (again) for a whole weekend with us in the beautiful city that is the Polish capital.

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Soldes Asos, ma sélection shopping/ Asos sales shopping list


Les filles, j’espère que vous allez bien ! Voilà que je regardais tranquillement mes emails ce matin quand j’ai apercu un mail de la part d’Asos indiquant qu’il y avait 10 pourcent de soldes supplémentaire sur les articles déjà soldés avec le code EXTRASALE. Je me suis donc ruée sur l’occasion pour vous faire une petite sélection ! Petit bonus encore en plus, si vous avey le site Igraal, vous bénéficiez d’un cashback (voici mon article sur le fonctionnent du site Igraal) ! Et autre petit bonus, si vous voulez encore épargner quelques euros, il suffit de mettre la devise en Pounds avant le paiement et de payer avec PAYPAL. Le taux de change de Paypal est en fait méga avantageux lors du convertissement vers l’euro ! Paypal va donc retirer de votre compte la somme en pouds et la convertir en euros selon son propre taux de change et non selon le taux de change sur le site d’Asos: J’ai testé et sur une commande à 90 euros, ca fait 10 euros de différence ! Incroyable mais vrai. Il ne vous reste plus qu’à craquer ! Enjoy

xx, Marine

Hello giiiirls, I hope you’re alright ! I was having a look at my e-mail this morning when I saw that Asos was offering 10 percent more off the articles already on sale with the code EXTRASALE. I therefore decided I needed to prepare a little article to show you my favourite items on the website! If you want to save even more, you can use the Igraal website which will give you cashback on the total amout you spent. Have a look on the website – they explain everything really well 🙂 Another little trick is to put the currency in pounds before paying and to pay with PAYPAL. To cut a long story short, the Paypal’s exchange rate is really good from Pounds into Euros (so it works out cheaper than the prices that asos states in Euros). I tried it and it works, for an order of 90 euros it made a difference of about 10 euros in the end! Incredible but true! Try it for yourself!

xx, Marine

Boots à clous (36 euros)

(j’ai craqué !!!)


Boots cloutées rouges (36 euros)


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Black and jeans in Berlin

Hello les filles, c’est sur cet avis de tempête à Berlin que je vous retrouve. J’espère que vous allez toutes bien ! Je vous ai concocté un petit article Look une fois encore en ce jeudi, mais cette fois je voulais ajouter une autre dimension à l’article et vous présenter mes vues préférées de Berlin par la même occasion. J’espère que cela vous dépaysera et vous donnera envie de venir m’y rendre  visite 😀 !

Hey girls, today is the perfect day to be inside and write a new article as there’s a big storm in Berlin today. Once again, I’ve got a little article for a new look but this time I wanted to add a new dimension to it and am therefore showing you my favourite views of Berlin at the same time. I hope it will give you a bit of a holiday feeling and make you want to come visit me! 😀

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Look à la française / A special French Touch

Hello les filles, je vous retrouve en ce début de semaine pour un look un peu spécial dans lequel je souhaitais mettre la France à l’honneur et en particulier le jeans 100 % made in France que je porte. Comme vous le verrez rapidement, l’ensemble du look tourne autour de ce joli jeans brut foncé. Dénicher le jeans dans lequel on se sent bien, qui nous met en valeur tout en nous laissant respirer n’est pas chose aisée et je pense ne pas me tromper en disant qu’il est rare d’en avoir plus d’un à la fois dans son armoire. Et quel bonheur une fois qu’on l’a trouvé, de savoir que pour les jours où l’on n’aura pas envie de rechercher une tenue super sophistiquée, il nous suffira de l’enfiler pour un look simple et confortable. 


Hello girls, I’m back today with an outfit that is a little special because I really wanted that article to be themed the jeans I’m wearing that are 100 % made in France. As you’ll see quite quickly through the article, the whole outfit is based on those beautiful raw dark jeans. To find a pair of jeans which you feel comfortable in but that also makes you feel beautiful isn’t easy and I’m sure I’m not wrong if I say that it’s quite rare for all of us to have more than one pair like that at home ! We all know THAT one pair of jeans that saves us every time and makes us look alright when we absolutely don’t know what to wear and we don’t want to wear something too complicated.

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Entre été et automne / Between summer and autumn

Hello tout le monde, aujourd’hui je reviens pour vous présenter une tenue que j’adore porter à la fin de l’été, début de l’automne, quand les journées se font plus fraîches. Elle a l’avantage de vous garder au chaud lors des premières fraîcheurs mais aussi et surtout d’être hyper confo, ce que je trouve super important pour le retour de vacances, quand on revient dans la grisaille et le froid. J’adore ce genre de tenue car je déteste porter une veste ou un manteau directement, bonjour le cafard. Alors, le gros pull doudou est une super alternative! En plus, la jupe vous permet de profiter des derniers rayons du soleil et de montrer vos jambes encore toutes bronzées !! 

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