10 cheap boho carpets for your interior

Hello everyone, I hope you all are well.

When I moved into my new flat a year ago and started to look for cool carpets, it really hit me that the ones I could find on online shops (let alone in proper shops) were either very simple and not particularly modern or very very expensive. I found it very difficult to find one with character which wasn’t going to ruin me. As you guys might know, I am totally obsessed with moroccan culture and decoration and mainly with their carpets, which I think are everything in a white and simple interior. They just give this oriental touch which I’m fond of. Last week, I found a few rugs which were inspired from this style and which I would have been very very happy to find when I was looking for my own decoration because they are BOTH totally afforable AND splendid. I thought it might be cool to share this with you guys !!

Here’s my little help for you to create a wonderful interior:



Jut and wool rug, beige and white – Pimkie – 28€




Chenille rug, shades of pink – Urban Outiftters – 34,30 €




Small carpet with fringes, blue and beige – Urban Outfitters – 38, 50€




Handira carpet, silver and white – Pimkie – 42€



actionSmall boho carpet, available in 3 colors – Action – 5€ (not a joke)





Tassel carpet, black and white – Pimkie – 30€




Colored rug – Pimkie – 25,20€




Huge symetrical rug, white and orange – H&M – 70€ 




Fringe Carpet, black and white – Pimkie – 30€




Mexico Style rug, grey and white – Pretty Wire – 59,90€



I hope you guys like this little overview I made for you and I wish you a very good end of the week !


xx, Marine


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